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Analyse and optimise overall visitors' experience of each personalisation you make to your site.

A/B Testing compares two or more versions of your website content to see which best lifts your conversions, sales, or other success metrics you identify. Use A/B Testing to compare changes to your page against your original page design to determine which experience produces the best results with your target audience. Performing A/B testing is particularly useful when you have a clear hypothesis of ways to improve your conversion goal with alternative content delivery.

RMC Target lets you efficiently perform A/B tests to evaluate whether the changes to make to your website and the personalised experiences you deliver generate the desired conversion. Multivariate and rule based testing with RMC are easy and convenient ways to expand your testing strategies.

The ability to test the effects of versions on your target audience, rather than all visitors to your site, saves you time by eliminating irrelevant data, and allows you to achieve a greater precision by not showing the action to visitors who do not match the segment that it is intended to market to.

In this section you will find more information to help you master A/B Testing:

A/B Testing Overview

Comprehensive information about A/B Testing including:

Running an A/B Test

Information to help your run an A/B Test:

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