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Assign unique Promotion Codes to your Targeted Actions.

The Promotion Campaigns feature allows marketers to assign unique promotion codes for Targeting Actions, to incentivise purchase while offering a gesture of generosity to foster brand loyalty.

A Promotion Code, also known as a coupon code or discount code, is a code that is associated with a marketing discount. When shopping if the user enters a promotion code, the corresponding discount is looked up and applied to the purchase.

Whereas a generic code can be used by anyone, unique promotion codes allow marketers to control who receives them, helping to better target customers with more personalised offers.

Creating a New Promotion Campaign 

  1. Click Target in the top menu bar.

  2. Select Promotion Campaigns.

  3. Click New Promotion Campaign
    To copy an existing Zone, click  to edit and create a similar campaign.

1. Enter the General Information 

Enter the General Information in the required fields to create a new promotion campaign:

  • Campaign Title  name the promotion campaign. It is recommended that you use a name that uniquely identifies the campaign, and will allow you to recognise the it quickly and easily.
  • Campaign Code – enter a unique promotion code for your campaign.
  • Start Date – set the first day and time from which the promotion campaign will be valid.
  • Finish Date – set the first day and time from which the promotion campaign will be invalid.
  • Capping (Visitor) – use capping to limit the number of times the promotion campaign will be presented to each visitor.
  • Notification Mail – use notification email option to send an email when promotion codes reach a certain threshold.

2. Integrate your Promotion Codes 

  1. Go to Target > Promotion Campaigns and click on Campaign ID.

  2. Click on Import Promo Codes

  3. Select a .csv file to integrate a list of promotion codes for a particular campaign.

  4. Click Submit to add rows.

3. Use Promotion Codes in Targeted Actions 

Promotion Codes can be integrated in different types of cross-channel promotional campaigns you create with Targeted Actions.

Campaign select the appropriate promotion campaign from the drop down list.

Select the appropriate Course of Action from the drop down:

  • Give existing promo code till no used – select this option to give the same promo code each time the visitor is targeted, until it the code is used.
  • Give new promo code each time – select this option to issue a new promo code each time the visitor is targeted.

Managing Existing Promotion Campaigns 

Go to Target > Promotion Campaigns to view a list of your Promotion Campaigns and corresponding information such as Start Date, Finish Date, Number of Active Promo Codes and Used Promo Codes for each campaign.

To manage existing Targeting Actions, use the following options:

  •  – use to search existing promotion campaigns.
  •   opens Campaign editing interface, where you can configure your promotion campaign.
  •  – deletes the Campaign.

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