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Highlight your chosen products by showing them randomly in pop-up!

You can use this feature when you want to display random images on a specfic corner on a web page. This image may show random offers or products.

Create Action 

Setting Up 

  1. Enter a Name for the action in the Title field.

  2. Select Status (Durum):

    1. Active : When you turn Active status on, the Targeting Action starts.

    2. When Passive: When you turn Passive status on, the Targeting Action ends.

  3. Pages to be Applied: Type the page URL where the pop-up will be shown. Type '*' to apply Scratch to Win on all pages across the entire site.

  4. Choose Show Random Banners from the drop down Type menu.


  1. Image URL: Link to the image that contains the product.

  2. Destination URL: Link to the page that will open when the image is clicked.

  3. Add Banner: Click on the "Add Banner" button to add a maximum of 10 images.

  4. Page Position: This is the area where the banner will be located on the page.


Timing and Time Range

  1. Set the time interval for the Show Random Products action:

    • Valid From – The start date and time of the action.
    • Valid Through – The date and time you want the action to be valid until.

  1. Status
     Capping: The number of times that any one person sees your Targeting Action.
    • Visit: The maximum number of times that any one person sees your Targeting Action in one visit.

    • VisitorThe maximum number of times that any one person sees your Targeting Action in all visits.

    • Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly: The maximum number of times that any one person sees your Targeting Action in selected time interval

    A threshold value is defined using Capping Count for all types of capping.

Defining Target Audience

  • You need to check the relevant rule title boxes in theTargeting Rules so that the action is only applied to specific visitors.
  • Select rule from Target Rules tab to define target audience.
  • You can connect several rules (obeying any rule) using AND or OR logic operators.


First, you need to define rules from Targeting Rules to define the most suitable target audience for the desired Targeting Action.

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