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Product Data Integration

There are two methods to integrate your product data with RMC:

On this page:

Using CSV without headers

If you offer different product variations (such as size, color, material, etc) than your integration will slightly be different, please follow the guidelines on the Product Variant page.

You must comply with the following rules to ensure successful product.csv integration:

  1. The file must be accessible through HTTP.
  2. The file must be zip compressed.
  3. The file must be updated at least once a day.
  4. There must not be a header in the first line.
  5. The file must be UTF-8 encoded without BOM (byte order mark).
  6. Use semicolon to separate columns.
  7. If a product goes out of stock, stock column must be declared as 0 (zero) or the entire line must be removed from the file.
  8. If there is no discounted price, the original price must be written in the discounted price column as well, ensuring that both columns contain the same value.
  9. All product codes must be unique. 
  10. A product can have only 1 category. If a product is linked to multiple categories use only the default category.
  11. Product codes you sent from web site or mobile app must be the same as product codes in the Product Feed.
Example CSV File

Click here to download and view a sample CSV file.

Columns must be ordered in the following way:

All columns must be defined with a value. If a column does not have a value, it must be defined with a blank value.

1.Product Code

2.Product Name

3.Category Codein hierarchical orderELECT>CELLPHN>SMRTPDH
4.Category Namein hierarchical orderElectronics>Cell Phones>Smart Phones

6.Is Active0 or 1
7.Inventorytotal quantity in stock
8.Original Price

9.Discounted Price

10.Product URL
11.Small Image URL
12.Medium Image URL

13.Large Image URL

14.RatingUser Ratings
15.Original Price Currency
16.Discount Price Currency
17.Same Day Delivery0 or 1
18.Free Delivery0 or 1
19.Number of Comments

20.Discount Ratio

21.Attribute 1

22.Attribute 2

23.Attribute 3

24.Attribute 4

25.Attribute 5





Gender Information

Use M for Male, F for Female, NULL for empty columns

30.Age Group




34.Attribute 6

35.Attribute 7

36.Attribute 8

37.Attribute 9

38.Attribute 10

First 20 columns are mandatory. Even if you are not going to use them you have to include semicolons for the first 20 columns. Columns after the Discount Rate column are optional.

The following columns can not be left blank: Product Code, Category Code, Category Name, Inventory, Original Price, Discounted Price, Product URL, Original Price Currency.

At least one of the following columns must contain a valid URL of the product image: Small Image URL, Medium Image URL, and Large Image URL.

Once you have prepared the required file based on the rules and standards mentioned above, follow these steps below to validate it and schedule an automatic upload:

  1. Go to  Personalize > Settings > Product Integration.

  2. Enter the URL for the CSV file you have created. 

  3. Click “Test URL” to validate the URL and file.

  4. If you have no error in your Test Detail, click “Save URL”. 

  5. Click “Add Trigger” to schedule product data uploads. We also recommend that you synchronize the product data generation and upload frequency.

Using XML

If you wish to send your product information to RMC using Google Product Feed XML, you have to follow Google standards. 

Following tags have to be inside the <item> or <product> tags to run RMC Segment Reporting properly.

Example XML File

Click here to download and view a sample XML file.





<same_day_delivery>0 or 1
<free_delivery>  0 or 1
<discount_ratio>between 0 and 100

Gender Information

Use M for Male, F for Female, NULL for empty columns


Uploading and Validating the Data 

To verify your product file format and content, you can use the Product File Integrator.

Choose; Cog Icon > Personalization Center > Recommendation > Product Integration

Validating Steps
  1. On the Product Integration page enter your product file’s url or ftp address and schedule the integration just a few minutes later than the current time you are in.

  2. Wait until your scheduled time and refresh the page to see the integration result.

  3. Click on Log Detail to see if there are any errors in your product file.

You can go to Recommend > Product Catalog from the menu on top to see the uploaded products.

Parent Topic: Sending Data to RMC

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