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On this page you can find up-to-date information about new features added to the Target Module.

JUNE 2019

Adding Product Basket and Purchase Event to Product Stat Notifier Action
You can see product views in real-time or in the last 24 hours on product view event through Target>Target Action>Product Stat Notifier action. Now, you can also view add-to-carts and purchases in the last 24 hours through product basket and product purchase events.
Adding Target Rule to Product Stat Notifier Action
With the latest update, you can now add rules in Product Stat Notifier target action.
New Targeting Action: Counter
Counter action was incorporated into Target action.
New Targeting Action: Show Random Banners
Show Random Banners action was incorporated into Targeting Action. Now, it is possible to display max 10 banners randomly

MAY 2019

Adding Product Basket and Product Purchase choices to Product Stat Notifier Target Action
Now, you can view add-to-carts and purchases in the last 24 hours through product basket and product purchase events in Target>Target Action>Product Stat Notifier.
Adding Spin to Win Action to Target ActionSpin to Win action is now incorporated into Targeting Action. Now, you can collect member data using a mail subscription form or persuade your visitors to shopping by giving away promocodes (e.g. exit intent) without using a form.
Adding Scratch to Win Action to Target ActionScratch to Win action is now incorporated into Targeting Action. Now, you can collect member data using a mail subscription form or persuade your visitors to shopping by giving away pormocodes (e.g. exit intent) without using a form.
Adding in A/B Test Feature in Zone field in Target> A/B TestingTarget>A/B Testing action is improved so that now you can do A/B testing of banner zones.
Adding zone A/B Testing in Target>A/B Testing

Target>A/B Testing, you can now do A/B testing of banner zones. You can now measure performance using a control group, compare different algorithyms (such as top performance banners vs. favorite category banners), and rule-based banners.

MARCH 2019

Adding Check Box for Permission to in which Target Actions Collect E-Mail Addresses
The checbox which includes " I have read and accept the terms of use and conditions " statement has been added to Target Actions which collect E-Mail addresses, thanks to that it is not allowed to submit e-mail until click into checkbox
Adding Compare Option to Target+Recommend > Performance Dashboard Target + Recommend> Performance Comparative data are provided for the corresponding periods if Compare is selected from the date field in the top right corner of the dashboard. By clicking Compare, the metrics in the KPI's, Mail & Web Playbooks Performance, Targeting Action & Targeting Banner Performance tables will be able to be viewed and exported (with percent increase / decrease rates)


Adding Temperature and Weather Condition Criteria in Targeting Rules
Temperature and Weather Condition Criteria have been added in Targeting Rules>Visit::GeoTargeting. These criteria made possible to display pop-up and banner according to weather condition and temperature.
Adding Is Discounted, Same Day Delivery and Attribute6-10 Criteria in Targeting RulesIs Discounted, Same Delivery and Attribute6-10 criteria have been added in Targeting Rules>Product Attributes.


Adding Save As Button in Targeting Action
When a new action is created with a slight change on an action that is commonly used in pop-ups, Save As olarak button is added to Target> Targeting Actions so that all parameters are not defined from zero.
Adding "Delete Option" in A/B Testing Screen from TargetThe "Delete" option has been added to the action button on the A / B Testing screen for deletion of test or faulty A / B tests.


Adding Target Options to Targeting Actions

Mail Subscription Form option added İN Targeting Actions. Thus, the e-mail address from the pop-in was collected and saved to the member database.


Settings> Personalization Center> Target> Limits Pop-up Limit

Currently, capping can be defined in a single pop-up, while in the Settings> Personalization Center> Target> Limits screen a description of the number of pop-ups that a person will see during a day is enabled. (This limit definition applies to Show Lightbox, Exit Intent, Promotion Code, Notification Box, In-App Message, and Show Banner.)

Using GeofenceTitle in Geofence Push Submissions

In order not to define a separate transmission for each geofence in geofence push transmissions, the use of the GeofenceTitle variable has been provided so that all the desired geofences can be targeted with a single transmission.

MAY 2018

New Zone Targeting Algorithm: Favorite Brand Banners
Banners were ranked according to the visitors' favorite brand.
Time Extension in the "Wait in Seconds" Parameter in Targeting Actions
It is possible to define up to 999 seconds from the relevant parameter.

APRIL 2018

Channel-based Measurement of Zone Impression Values
Impression requests were made to keep track of channel information so that impression figures could be channel-based.


“Sort by Priority” Feature in “Based on Targeting Rules” Zone Algorithym
"Sort by priority" feature is added to the "based on targeting rules" algorithm for all visitors to display the banners at any time the brand wants, regardless of any algorithm or rule. This allowed banners to be sorted according to the priority value passed in the banner file.


Using Minimized Content in Exit Intent Action
If visitors close the exit intent pop-up, the pop-up is minimized and kept on the page. "Content minimized" and "page position" parameters to the exit intent definition screen is added.
Dynamic Filtering in Banner Display

Filtering can be done according to custom attribute fields sent in banner file.

New Page Positions and Selection in Notification Box Action
With the enhancement made, it was made available on the top / right and left / right side of the page, and the box page position box parameter was added to the notification box identification screen, and the page position was selected through the image, not from the dropdown list.
Delivery to the last used Token option in "Send With exVisitorId" option in Target Push and Geofence Actions
In case of sending with ExVisitorId, the option of sending to the last active token of the user is activated. In this way, all active tokens that match the user's ID or only the last active token can be sent.
New in Search Box Action Type: Last Viewed Category Banner
If the visitor has an active banner that matches the category of the last product he / she looked at, the banner name will be printed in the search box.


“Wait in Seconds” Feature in Notification Box Action
Sayfada kalma süresine göre tetiklenme için çalışır hale getirildi ve notif. box tanımlama ekranına “wait in seconds” parametresi eklendi.


New Targeting Action: Count Down
The counter has been made available for the user-based rule (eg 7 days for membership) or for the specific time period (eg Black Friday);

JULY 2017

Triggering Exit Intent and Lightbox Actions by Landing on Page Time
Exit intent and lightbox actions were made triggered after the visitor remained on the page for a certain period of time. The ”wait in seconds“ parameter is added to the action description screen. (For example, after spending 45 seconds on the basket page, you can show exit intent pop-ups to those who try to exit.)
Filtering by Geofence on the Targeting Actions Page
In case the geofence is selected from the action type filter on the related page, filtering can be done for defined geofences. "Select geofence” option added. (In this way, geofence used in the action can be displayed.)

APRIL 2017

Target Performance Dashboard is added under the Target menu.
  • "Target Banner Performance" and "Targeting Actions Performance" tables are accessed from both the Recommend> Performance Dashboard and Target> Performance Dashboard menus.
  • The performance of rule-based banners was followed in Recommend> Performance Dashboard> Web Widget Performance. After that, it was possible to follow the Target Banner Performance table and follow the performance performance of the Targeting actions from the Target Performance Dashboard table.

MARCH 2017

New Targeting Action: Search Box Autofill

When a visitor displays any product and returns to the main page, the category or name of the product being viewed is automatically entered into the Search Box.

Detailed Information can be found on the Search Box Autofill page.


Send limit of push and SMS on Target

For these submissions, only Frequency Capping could be defined on each sending basis. Target Settings> Channel Limits allows you to specify the number of person-based daily or weekly posts.

New Targeting Action: Product Stat Notifier

This feature allows you to display the number of people facing the product in the last 24 hours in a desired corner of the product detail page. You can find the detailed information on the  Product Stat Notifier page.

Logic operator usage in Custom Parameters
He was just working on the logic of "Matches Exactly." Custom Parameters are now used to provide Between, Greater Than, Less Than criteria. Detailed information is available on the Custom Parameters page. 


New Targeting Action: Show Widget

Thanks to this feature, you can display the widget created with the Recommend module on the desired page in the pop-up. For example; the pop-up can be displayed to customers who was added product but did not purchase with including these products. Detailed information can be found on the Show Widget page.

To use the Show Widget action, the Recommend module must be active in your account.

New Targeting Action: Set innerHTML of HTML Element

If the visitor meets the criteria defined as Target Rule, the innerHTML content of an HTML element (table, div, etc.) on the page can be changed. One of the uses of this method is to modify the text within a given DIV in a specific way. You can find detailed information in the Set innerHTML of HTML element page.

A/B Testing

The A / B Testing feature was added to the Target module. Two types of A / B testing can be performed with RMC Target, Classic and Targeting Actions. For more information, see Creating A / B Test and A / B Testing - Overview pages.

All customers with a Target license can use the A / B Testing function.

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