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Deliver targeted offers, messages, banners and content based on your customers current and past interactions with your brand – increase conversions while reducing your workload. 

Now more than ever, marketers struggle with the fact that customers and prospects they wish to reach are moving targets. Consumers are constantly researching, considering, starting and abandoning transactions while leaving a robust trail of information and data signals across various platforms, channels and devices. Marketers must tap into the constant stream of web activity, cross-channel interaction and customer data to gain insight into what visitors and customers want to see and experience. They must immediately act on that insight and deliver highly relevant and personalised content throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

RMC offers a complete solution for organisations that want marketer control of their testing and targeting and that also want to leverage the powerful benefits of automated personalisation. With RMC Target, you can easily deliver relevant and engaging experiences to your customers based on their current and past interactions with your brand, in real-time, across channels and devices.

In this section you will find more information to help you master Target:

Target Overview

Comprehensive information about Target including:

Implementing Target

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