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Unify customer data from all touchpoints into a single customer view. Create dynamic demographic or behavioral segments based on unified customer data. Personalize your brand messaging using artificial intelligence and machine learning on all channels such as website, email, SMS, push notification, Facebook & Google ads.

Convert customer data into insights, turn insights into omnichannel campaigns.

All-in-one marketing automation and Customer Data Platform to attract, convert, grow and retain customers.

  • Unify - Have a full view of all customer data at a glance instead of having to look multiple places such as websites, CRM, mobile apps and call centers
  • Segment - Understand what differentiates your customers with rule-based or dynamic-filtered segments based on cross-channel behavior, personal history and demographic information.
  • Personalize - A powerful (AI-based) machine learning engine to deliver the most relevant content and recommendations for each customer.
  • Automate - Just drag and drop to design, manage and optimize well-coordinated campaigns across channels in a single panel.

Related Marketing Cloud Products

Customer Data Platform

Gather and join your data into a single customer view.

Customer Data Platform enables data collection, unification of customer profiles, segmentation for running omnichannel campaigns.

Gather and join your data into a single customer view

Email Marketing

Creating engaging dialogues with intelligently personalized emails.

Related Marketing Cloud provides a comprehensive set of tools for email marketing campaigns at all scales. Create, trigger, and automate engaging campaigns using behavior-based emails, automated follow-ups, time-triggered emails, and much more using our reliable, secure and robust platform.

Mobile Marketing

Build amazing mobile personalized message easiliy.

We offer the most comprehensive set of integrated mobile marketing solutions that span all devices and platforms. Now you can easily develop personalized experiences, acquire users, analyze behavior and engage on-the-go customers in the moment with, Push, SMS and geo-fencing.

Web Personalization

Deliver highly personalized & unique web experience for every visitor.

AI based targeting engine helps you to engage your customers with targeted content in real time and turn anonymous visitors into loyal & engaged customers on your website or mobile app.

Product Recommendation

Personalize your offers by unlocking the power of AI machine learning in all communication channels.

Product Recommendation is the powerful AI tool to deliver individualized product recommendations across all your channels such as web, email, mobile, in-store or even your call center.

Customer Journey Manager

Unleash the power of automation into the next level.

Create and launch highly targeted and complex customer journeys across all your marketing channels to increase customer lifetime value, revenue and retention while saving time and effort.

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